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What's On - Events in the Bay of Islands

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Whether you are looking just to escape from your life over the cooler months (fact: Bay of Islands is always 2-3 degrees warmer than Auckland) As a local I love the Bay of Islands winter months and strolling on the Paihia beaches with the sun in our faces and the dog frolicking about. Every day is a blessing in the sub tropical North.

But just to let you know, that the Paihia, Waitangi and Russell community does not rest on its laurels and have organized some amazing events in the Bay of Islands to keep the active person in us all satisfied as well... Read on.

LOOK at Paihia's event calendar!!!........you want some action for the weekend?? - Paihia and the Bay have these fantastic events coming your way

7th - 8th April - Waitangi Golf Club Pro Am - into it's third year, the Waitangi Golf have another fantastic Pro Am event this weekend with the raising stars. Have you a team entered??

10th April - Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon - Inaugural event in Waitangi already SOLD OUT!

Excited kids everywhere!

16th April - Bay of Islands Bathtub Classic AND NZ Offshore Powerboat Racing

8th May - Jennian Homes Mothers Day Fun Run/Walk
13, 14, 15th May - BOI Country Rock Festival 
5th June - Explore Group Paihia Half Marathon 
9th July - Fullers Greatsights Bay of Islands Beast
9th July - Paihia Community Street Party
12, 13, 14 August - BOI Jazz & Blues Festival 
1st October - "it!" Business Paihia BOI "it" Festival
7, 8, 9 October - Bay of Islands Walking Weekend

The Museum of Waitangi

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Museum of Waitangi.


The Museum of Waitangi, opened on 7 February 2016. Built by local building companies, the two storey museum houses a permanent exhibition Ko Waitangi Tenei on the ground floor and changing exhibitions, along with an education centre on the first floor. The Museum of Waitangi enhances the Waitangi Treaty Grounds experience by introducing the story of the area and its people through high quality exhibition and learning spaces, making use of multi-media and visual displays. Significant taonga (treasures) associated with Waitangi were scattered throughout New Zealand and have now made the journey home to take their place in the Museum of Waitangi.

Locals and dignitaries flocked to the Museum for opening day and all agreed that the Museum is fantastic whilst portraying a sometimes not-so-pretty account of that signing of the Treaty. Come visit NZ’s newest cultural icon, the Museum of Waitangi, destined to become a site of great national significance and a major visitor attraction in the Bay of Islands.

Guided Tours Your Day Pass includes a Guided Tour of the Treaty Grounds. A large copy of the Treaty of Waitangi in the Visitor Centre sets the scene for your informative tour. Stepping outside takes you through lush native forest to the sparkling waters of the bay, where you’ll discover Ngātokimatawhaorua, the world’s largest ceremonial war canoe. The story of the journey of Māori ancestors to Aotearoa is revealed before you continue along a gently sloping track to the flagstaff. Underneath the flagstaff is the very spot where the Treaty was signed in 1840. Your Guided Tour ends in front of the Treaty House and Meeting House, with breath taking views of the Bay of Islands and a new appreciation for New Zealand’s history

Feel as welcome as a local!

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Why we love the Bay of Islands and Northland and we'd love you to feel the love too!


 Because you can walk down the road in your bare feet and relaxed clothing or go to the bar in you jandals. Everyone waves and says hello even if you don't know them very well. Everyone looks out for everyone's children. I call that community!

Our amazing little town has gone through some trying times like a lot of small townships in NZ and the world over the years but we love this place and the resilient and very hard working community that punches above it's weight to get on the world stage.  

What makes the Bay of Islands special? It's the people who say hello and always have smiles on their faces as they walk down the street who say hello to strangers and visitors alike. It's the simple little things and our most amazing nature aquatic play ground that we all cherish and  want to protect for future generations.  Plus our beautiful native bush that surrounds the area, that again locals and environment experts are doing their utmost to protect and preserve.

 No matter what sort of day you have had you, just walk down the waterfront and wonder at the beauty of our area and feel very blessed we live in this beautiful environment. Everyday is amazing!

In our line of hospitality work with unsociable hours, a great night out is fish n chips on the beach with your favourite person, a good glass of local wine and the most amazing scenery. The dog comes too and our guests love her as they are usually missing their own pets back home. 

When we get out, we like to go to a few of our favs like Waterfront Café with Kelly is always welcoming and gives us fantastic service with her local style. If we want to feel like we are in Europe or somewhere resorty, we hit Alongside and feel like we are in a completely different world with its luxurious lounger and amazing flavours and wines. Right next door is 35 Degrees South for it’s local flavours. Sue, Mary and team at "Only Seafood" Restaurant is always a firm favourite for all the seafood lovers! Newly opened Charlottes Kitchen is proving a hit with it's contemporary social dining.  And the family get together choice is Legends with Clint and Sasha run along with their family a great restaurant with a real family welcome and good comforting food.

 We hope our guests get "the local feeling" too and we love if they get the time to wake a bit earlier and walk up past the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, up near the golf course and take in the panorama as the sun is bursting through. They come back so refreshed, relaxed and the most amazing smile on their face. You know they have got the local feeling!

I will sprout on some more in another blog and mention some other local finds that we adore. Ooh did I mention Suma Suma where I’ve just purchased a dress that makes me feel like I’m in my twenties again!!

Have a great day in the Bay!

Christmas Parades and Friday Night Markets

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December in Paihia brings our annual Business Paihia's Christmas Parade Extravaganza! For a small community,we really know how to turn it on and again this year the floats were worthy of a far bigger population than our small village. Months of planning go into some of more amazing floats and there are those of us that just join in for the fun of it!

Makeup ran and a papier-mache Death Star threatened to dissolve but otherwise Friday afternoon’s rain did little to dampen Paihia’s Christmas parade, famous for having some of Northland’s most extravagant floats. This year’s theme was ‘a town full of superheroes’. The town was indeed over-run by Supermen, Spidermen and Mutant Ninja Turtles, but there were also more Supermums, firefighters, Maori demi-gods, eco-warriors, Princess Elsas and Jedi knights than Santa could shake a stick at.  Where in the world do you get a school principle to agree to be hoisted air borne for several hours all in the name of celebrating Christmas for our community.


 AND MORE EXCITING NEWS - What was the old Mall in town is now....a revamped/upcycled new exciting social place which is now rebranded at PAIHIA LANES!!! 

After the Christmas parade had it's winners congratulated, and the children had their share of more lollies as Santa made his farewells till Xmas Eve; Paihia celebrated at the opening of "Paihia Lanes"! and the inaugural Friday Night Food Markets. What a success , with many stall holders selling out of their delicious and most satisfying tasty tidbits. Great value for the family and a relaxed atmosphere for every generation all enjoying each others company. The markets are to be a regular Friday night feature and we hope to see people from afar get off work and coming to the market for a relaxed fun atmosphere with the most delicious food ever!!

The Friday Night Street-Food Market in the Paihia Lanes was fantastic! Full of fun, entertainment and delicious delights. Make it a Friday night regular. See you there!


Waitangi Mountain Bike park

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Work has begun on the Waitangi Mountain bike Park in the Waitangi Forest in the Bay of Islands. This track will have a Silver Star rating on completion with an amazing gradient and fantastic views for visitors and the community to enjoy together. Paihia is just 3km from Waitangi and the Mountain Bike Park so Outrigger Motel makes for perfect location! This track will cater for all ages, groups, couples and events. The project is the enterprise and pride and joy of locals Tiffany and Robin under the guidance of Focus Paihia, who are very excited to now have the first turf turned.

Spectacular Waitangi forest

On Monday 12 October Deputy Mayor Tania McInnes, members of the Focus paihia Board, DOC and the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park team gathered to welcome members of the Southstar Trails team. It was a momentous and moving occasion as all groups spoke about the project in respect of their connection to it. 

Ngati Kawa Taituha offered karakia with a stone from the whenua which became the central focus throughout the blessing.  In Māori culture it is referred to as a Mauri Stone, it is a talisman similar to a good luck charm. The power of the karakia and the collective thoughts that those gathered shared that day, is now stored within the heart of it, and it will radiate a healing energy bringing positive vibrations and safety to all who come within its sphere of influence. It is to be treated with respect, treated like you would a great ancestor that you revere, it has a life force and is now fully alive and conscious. Tiff Holland was given the special responsibility of protecting the Mauri Stone/life force of the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park Project. It is now somewhere safe, located where it will be able to perform its kaitiakitanga or guardianship role. More that just a stone, it's a magical and mystical Mauri Stone which carries ancient spiritual values, HE TAONGA TUKU IHO. 

A significant moment, respectively shared. Exciting times alright.Then the diggers rolled up the hill... Yahoooooooo...

Bay of Islands Walking Weekend

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The Bay of Islands Walking Weekend is on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th October 2015. Not long now!

Based in Russell, the walking weekend has 20 walks to choose from  – from a Cultural History tour around the Russell Village to an Island Ramble – heading out on the famous R. Tucker Thompson to Otehei Bay, there is something for everyone who loves to walk!
This is going to be a great week not only for the beauty of the bay but for the cultural and historic elements that are unique to this part of the world. To ensure you get the best out of the walks we have local guides to lead the way. These guides are all passionate and knowledgeable about the area and bring something extra to the walking experience. Each walk has no more than 20 people so get in quick to book.
The Bay of Islands Walking Weekend has its very own headquarters based in Russell at The Duke of Marlborough Tavern where people can meet, chat about their day and have something to eat and drink. There will also be entertainment and competitions throughout the weekend. All walks leave from the headquarters where you will get to meet you guide, fellow walkers and be provided with an overview of the walk.
Russell or Paihia are both fantastic bases for the weekend with lots of great restaurants, places to stay and for the non-walkers out there, plenty of things to do.
We are very excited about this weekend and the great walking experiences there are here in the Bay of Islands. Walks range from 1 to 2 hours to up to 7 hours. Take your pick from the many walks in Russell, Paihia or out in the Islands. Soak up the history and savour the fantastic scenery that the Bay has to offer along with the fabulous hospitality to be had in Paihia and Russell.

Dolphins around the Bay

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Dolphins are spotted all though the Bay of Island quite regularly

Often pods of dolphins with there young come right in to the Ti Bay, Waitangi,s Paihia and Russell. They play in the wave formed by the ferries or just come cruising in checking out the bay for food. It's a beautiful site we as locals never tire off and never take for granted. It is especially amazing when you are sitting one of the bars or restaurants, with the sun going down and you see the gorgeous mammals springing out of the water.

There are a number of special trips in which the local operators have licenses to cruise with the dolphin pods, according to strict rules of behaviour so as not to cause distress or harm. There are some "swim with the dolphins" options, but this does depend on conditions and whether or not the pod has young in amongst it.

What you might not know about dolphins

  • Thirteen different species of dolphin are found around the New Zealand coast
  • The Mäori word for bottlenose dolphin is Terehu
  • The dolphins we encounter most are the Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) have a relatively short beak and a high, hooked and prominent dorsal fin
  • Colour is dark or light grey on the back grading to white on the undersides. Colour and shape can be variable however.
  • Newborn: length 85cm – 1.3m
  • Adult: length 1.9 – 3.9m
  • Around 450 individual Dolphins live in the Bay of Islands area, ranging from Doubtless Bay in Northland to Tauranga
  • Individuals living close to the shore feed primarily on a variety of inshore bottom-dwelling fish and invertebrate species
  • Females usually reach sexual maturity at 5-13 years with males not maturing until 9-14 years of age
  • Females breed every 3-5 years and calves suckle for around 2-3 years. Calving peaks are known to occur for most populations between spring and summer/autumn.
  • Female bottlenose dolphins can live up to more than 50 years of age, and males can reach as old as 40-45 years
  • Population sizes are largely unknown but this species is relatively common worldwide
  • Average Pod size is 12-18 animals

Cycle Trail part 2

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Kawakawa – Otiria Trail (6km)

This section of cycle trail is open. It is an easy ride on flat terrain that takes you through rural farmlands and forests and passes the town of Moerewa.

At the other end is Kawakawa, famous for its art toilet! Enjoy the famous toilets designed and built by artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser in 1998, located right in the middle of the town.

Pause at Kawakawa for refreshments at one of the many eateries. Take a ride on Gabriel, the vintage train, which departs from the railway station at one end of the town, runs down the middle of the main street and out into the countryside as far as Taumarere. The railway is being restored so thatGabriel can travel over the fourteen bridges, through one tunnel and take people right through to Opuaon the east coast and back. It was the North Island’s first railway to be opened and the first to run a rail passenger service in the North Island. It is also the most northerly railway in the New Zealand and is of significant historical and cultural importance.

Otiria is the northernmost operational point on the national railway network. One freight train runs every weekday each way between Otiria and Whangarei. The cycle trail takes you past the small town of Moerewa.

Twin Coast Cycle Trail - Part 1

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Opua – Kawakawa Trail (11km)

The trail between Kawakawa and Opua follows the old rail line. It is located right beside the Opua Harbour and follows the Waikare estuary. The ride is flat, easy to ride and perfect for families. It provides views of the estuary connecting to the Kawakawa River. The first 7 kilometers are cycle trail with the remaining 4 kilometres a vintage railway experience.

In 1868 a bush tramway opened between Kawakawa and Taumarere to carry coal for export. It was converted into a metal rail track in 1870. The disused track runs right through to Opua. The Bay of Islands Vintage Railway has restored the track as far at Taumarere and at 11.5 kilometers, it is one of the longest heritage railway lines in New Zealand.

A ride on Gabriel, the vintage steam train, is a great outing for all the family. It departs from the Kawakawa Rail Station at the western end of the town and runs through the countryside to Taumarere and back. The station in Kawakawa was built 1911 to replace the first one that was destroyed by fire, and is recognised by the Rail Heritage Trust and Far North District Council as being of heritage significance.

The cycle trail runs over fourteen bridges, through a tunnel and alongside the mangroves on the shores of the upper reaches of the Kawakawa River.

The ride into Opua gives you views across the protected waters of the inner reaches of the Bay of Islands and the Opua Marina. There is a cafe, toilets and car parking right where you start (or end) your ride. Be sure to stop and visit the 100 year old Opua General store perched out over the water on piles. Take a stroll out on the Opua Wharf. Opua is a bustling commercial port with a large marina and boatyard. It is a major port of entry for overseas yachts and a popular destination with its sheltered, deep water anchorages, yacht club and facilities for boaties. From Opua you can take the car ferry across the estuary to link up with the road to Russell.

There is a delightful walkway from Opua along the shore to Paihia, and if you pop over on the ferry the walkway takes you all the way to Russell. On the Russell side of the estuary is Okiato Point, the site of New Zealand’s first capital from 1840-1841. The well on the point is the only visible remnant of the old capital.

Happy Faces for Sail Week

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Let the fun begin. Bay of Islands Sailing Week 2015.

Paihia and Russell fill up this weekend with ocean lover flood in, as the annual sailing week is on!

With the organizers offering ten different divisions, seven full-on racing divisions, and three Island racing divisions the week is known by New Zealand herald as 'One of the best regattas in New Zealand'. Watch for the Super yachts race too. Aspecial division this year in the Bay of Islands. A great spectacle on the water.

We at Outrigger Motel wish everyone competing all the best.

Bon voyage!

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