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Monthly Archives: August blog

Twin Coast Cycleway all go!

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The Twin Coast Cycle Way is all open and is proving so popular with all ages. With New Zealand Cycle Ways proving to be so popular with Kiwis and Internationals, I can highly recommend you come and try Northland's Twin Coast Cycle Way with its most beautiful scenery, amazing history and general fun and authentic-ness. True Northland/Bay of Islands living!

The Twin Coast Cycle Trail tells the story of an emerging nation, capturing the history and heritage of Maori and European settlers. 

Now in its complete state, it runs between picturesque Opua in the Bay of Islands and the famously beautiful Hokianga Harbour, catering for cyclists of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. You can pick up the trail at many starting points along the way with shuttle services available to take you and your bike across sections not yet constructed. The smooth-surface gravel trail is wide enough for cyclists to travel side-byside for most of the journey. The route is mainly flat with some gentle climbs and a 1.6km downhill section. When completed, the 84 km trail will join Opua in the Bay of Islands and Horeke on the Hokianga Harbour.

We suggest you visit for 3-7 days and that lets you cover not only the cycle way but Cape Reinga to Cape Brett plus learn about the history of the Nation at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds 

Call the Outrigger Motel to arrange Bike Hirage and pick up also. Just part of the service!

An interview with Grace!

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We’re obsessed with hearing about what other people think about our favourite place in the world PAIHIA!! We hope that you are just as interested as we are and you get inspired by these traveller/locals that want to share their stories! Follow along with this new series where we find out what gets other people buzzing…


Come stay in Paihia

This month we have Grace Jones from Auckland. She is in her final year of studying a Bachelor of Communication, but her passion is TRAVEL. She spent 2 years tripping around the European grounds before she decided it was time to start studying. Although every year she still heads to some exotic destination. She was raised in Paihia, even worked at the local ice-cream shop for 6 years. Paihia is her home and always will be!

What are your reasons for being in Paihia?

I come home to visit my friends and family but 9 times out of 10 the weather in the Bay of Islands will be much much better than Auckland. It's nice to come up here and escape the ‘rat race’ even it is just for a night or two. People over estimate the drive up here from Auckland, but it is actually a really easy 3 hours drive, going through lots of little towns that if I get hungry I can stop to get some food and a coffee.

What do you love about the Bay of Islands?

The weather, the people, the beaches, the community and the Pipi Patch!

Why would you recommend Paihia to a friend?

Well for one, Russell is just a ferry ride away and it is the nation’s capital so it is kind of a must to visit it. But also, it is a town of leisure. It is just one of those places that as soon as you are driving of the final hills and you see the ocean you instantly relax and feel the weight fall off your shoulders.

What are the top 5 thing you would recommend your friends to do once they are in Paihia?

Ohh that’s tough because there are so many things.. I have to say a night out on Kings Rd as when I was growing up that was a huge highlight, its nothing much, but just go in with an open mind and you will have so much fun.

Then I would recommend a drive up to the golf course as I believe it is the best view in the whole entire world!

A walk.. either the Haruru track or the Opua to Paihia track

A trip out on a boat. Any of the trips are really cool and you can see the Bay for all its worth.

And finally, a trip to Russell. It is a very small town but it still has that old village feeling. You can go see the flag pole at the top of the hill, visit Long Beach and then end the day watching the sunset at one of the bars… Perfection!

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